Thursday, December 26, 2013

Honda XRL650

I need to play catch up here on the blog.
Heres an XRL650 I built for myself then of course sold. Nice bike, 1900 miles, super fun. added some simple removable storage, sv650 exhaust that sounds deep and respectable under a new tail and standard and usb charging ports. I used some horse saddle bags id had sitting a while and loved and made the leather for seat match using a few different colors of stain.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Riding Tesla

Big Fun. I mean silly big fun. A lot of heads turned today, so cool.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Annnnd its back on ebay. Tesla.

Well, the buyer on first auction fruitcaked out. So we are back on Ebay. Please share the link if you can. Thank you, Jeff

Friday, May 3, 2013

Tesla Video

Tesla, short running video.. riding video to come. The exhaust note is excellent with the 2 in 2 out muffler.

If video does not show, its here.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tesla on Ebay. spread the word.

Well, its on Ebay. Always looking to spread the word. Tesla has seen a lot of places and people. Its been awesome. Its let me meet and work with more great people, Motolady, Caferacerxxx, Loaded Gun Customs, Gallery788, Still Life Gallery, Formally know as, DC Triumph, 16 Tons...the list goes on of what had stemmed from this bike to last while.
Thank you, Jeff
Number one son, Kyle at Still life Gallery..

Motolady stomping twice for nooo.

Tesla at Still life Gallery.

Bill Monaghan at 16 Tons.

Me and my older two kids, missing 3.0

Kevin from Loaded Gun, and Kevins from DJ Triumph

 Kevin, and Moto, and Sasha from Caferacerxxx.

 Jillian and Mare. Always smiles. And also organized the 2 art show at Gallery 788 That was awwwwesome.

 Jillian and Sasha smore....

I got to meet this guy, who was at 788 and literally just happened to match Tesla.

Kyle got to talk to girls.

I got to look semi professional for once, thank you Girls.

Yes, its sideways, no I dont know why...this is why I like looking good somedays, because others....

I got to be less homophobic!

Again, Kyle got to talk to girls, this one even liked him...and, yes, is sideways. I know, I know.