BikernetMetric Freedom or Death bike build is on.

OK, the build is beginning this weekend on the XS650 for Trent at

It will be unveiled at the ROT rally in Austin Texas The beginning of June at the Dirty Dog at the Freedom or Death Motorbike Bash held just for this, on 6th street in the heart of the ROT, 3 bands, big fun, go there.

MANY very cool vendors have donated parts towards this build, they are......

Elswick Cycles- Hard tail, Oil Tank, & Bars
Biltwell- Exhaust kit in 1.75"
Working Man customs- leather work for Trent & Bond to sit on.
Fab Kevin- Seat Pan & Hinge
7 Metal West- Brass rear fender
Rocks Chops- licence plate bracket & light, & maybe bar end levers
After Hours Choppers- Brass Risers
Limey Bikes- Mechanical work after bike is built to make it run better then itll look :-)
Hot Rod Refinishers- Paint work
Pinstripe Chris- Goldleaf & stripe work
The Dirty Dog Bar- For putting the bar in the Hands of a Madman for a night
Independence Brewery- Beer for the bash
Me Me me- Making a bike that resembles something vaguely, remotely, close to, kinda what Trent pictured for the Freedom or Death Machine.......

Trent has given me a black silhouette of a bike that dances in his head (the one at the top of BikenetMetric), & many pictures of bikes that have the vibe he is after. I have a bike in my head, this will meet somewhere in the middle & I think make Trent really really weak in the knees when its done. He Will love me long time.
This bike is about a lot of things, it is to showcase parts being made by people, by hand, in small shops, that outshine large company mass production parts. It is about community, not corporate, its about trying to pull together small bits from different hands into one machine, that will be used, & time & wear will improve is hand made steel, brass & black parts.

I have 4 weeks to build this Bike, & am hoping to see some parts before to long, this is to say the least a challenge, but the greatest things are born from challenges........also some totally messed up things.......but we will hope for greatness end of the spectrum.

So there it is, watch this blog, & BikernetMetric for updates, pictures, me being committed & so on.


John Jackson said…
Man love your work and this will be no exception
Bozi said…
John, its cool you posted thank you, youre one of my favorite photographers, you have a gift, and a way cool van I might ad.
Bones BIR 101 said…
I can dig it.

I saw your blog on here and figured I'd tell you I have one on here too.

John Jackson said…
Man love your work and this will be no exception

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