Freedom or Death XS650 Project

Next in line is a Yamaha XS650. Im building it for Trent in Austin Texas, he runs BikernetMetric which was nothing until he took it over a few months ago. It will transform from Blog form to a concrete site shortly, that will be rich with features, info, tech, & a forum.

I firmly believe with the older Japanese bikes starting to make the comeback into mainstream that they are, & the variety of ways they are being modified, that there will be more & more interest in them in the next few years. They make sense. Inexpensive, smaller cc bikes that are fun, sip gas, dont break, etc etc. Choppers, Bobbers, Cafe' bikes, they are all being done using anything from common xs650s to CB750s to 250s or 1000s, there is an endless supply of bikes & choices.

There are many disjointed sites for the Metric crowd, I think BikernetMetric will eventually morph into a mainstay site that will bring things together.

Im am going to build this bike for Trent. Elswick cycles has donated a Tail, oil tank, & handlebars. LimeyBikes is donating some tuning labor once bike hits Texas. Rocks Chops is donating Tagbracket & Light, 7 Metal West is donating a fender. Working Man customs is doing the seats.

The bike will be showcased at the Republic of Texas motorcycle Rally, or ROT, at a BikernetMetric Party at the Dirty Dog Bar on 6th street, Bands, Bikes, the whole bit.

Trent is a lunatic, but a fun lunatic, with ADD. He likes to say nice stuff about me & is never boring.

In exchange for me helping with Trents bike, he has to deal with me being me, not easy for some people,& he will help me with stuff later that I suck at & he is good at. He is on fire 24/7 & will do good for the Metric & Euro bike community, I have Faith.


Bozi said…
At least somebody does....

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