Monday, May 10, 2010

Freedom or Death bike build, Post #4

Tonite I got the neck cleaned up of old welds. I want to reuse it to keep the VIN #.
Started to play a bit the see where I stand with rake, tanks, seat & stuff. Apparently I stand way far away from having it to my liking, in a deep dark hole, with no light.......
Go Me.


Trent Reker said...

don't even whine, motherfucker. only one of us can do that at a time and i did already today. you turn is tomorrow. you can do it and it'll kick ass. working under pressure creates men! additionally, when we're kings of the world, we'll make everyone pay!

Bozi said...

I just like scaring you Trent ....its fun for me, mmmmK?
Out of frustration & impossiblities comes the greatest invbention & ideas. So this bike outta be double super bad.

The XS9 will live.

Maybe .