Friday, May 21, 2010

To Kill a fly.....Where's Trent?

Where's Trent?

Incase anyones wandered over here wondering why Trent hasnt posted the last few days on BikernetMetric, he tried to Kill a fly, which with Trent being Trent, lead to him needing Medical attention. We dont know if the fly survived.

Give him a few days, he'll be 1/2 as good as new & online sooner then later Im sure. I think.


Pinstripe Chris said...

As well as with Trent- i''d like medical status reports on the fly as well. If that fly survived you know he went home to his wife and was like: Your not going to believe what happened to me today...

John@DCW said...

C'mon man, you can't leave us hanging like this. We gotta know the full story on this one.

Trent Reker said...

i killed the fly. that fucker.

john, you can visit and read the posts from friday and saturday to see what will be a cool scar.

rehab will be a few weeks but i ought to be able to ride again by august.