Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pinstripe Chris's Sharpie Fiero

My buddy Pinstripe Chris has been doing Sharpie art on his Fiero for a few weeks on & off. It will be spectacular when its done, it already draws a crowd....anywhere. It was beautiful Black with real fire on the front, then he painted it flat white, it was pretty funny, people thought he was nuts. Now they get it.

Even at night in the drizzle, my nizzle is out doing his thing. because, you know, .....he's nuts.

1 comment:

Pinstripe Chris said...

I wonder what that guys' neighbor must think... all these bright lights on at night with a weird ass guy sniffing markers all over the place. Oh well, he's prolly fred which means he's gay.

Thanks dude... lookin forward to the next pinstripe task o' Jeff