Monday, March 29, 2010

T120 moving along

The 66 T120 is coming together nicely. The motor is reassembled, frames been stripped, welded & painted. I managed to get the coills, the voltage regulator & ignition box under tank, a common thing to do Im sure.

Im liking this bike a lot.

Monday, March 22, 2010

my uber cool helmet

My daughter & I wanted to play around with Gold Leaf one night to learn. So natuarally we grabbed my helmet. Just did random junk on it. Now its like sentimental to me at this point.

I get funny looks all the time..its cause' theyre jelous I think, rite?

T120 frame, metal metal

The frame for the T120 had been undercoated by previous owner. Not painted, but rubber undercoated. Its all better now. Never do that......undercoat a frame. Bad.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

BSA Rides into the sunset.

OK, the Redemption Bike is about wrapped up. Itll go to Florida with its new owner to live by the ocean. How come all my bikes go to cool places & I stay here........

Clay at Atombomb

Clay has done 2 bikes like this, nothing fancy, & nothin fancy 2. The style has has created, & the flawless bikes that he produces is nothing short of obsessive, A.D.D., artist ,brilliant,.......
These bikes scream dont touch me, & ride the crap out of me all at once.
Annnnd, clay is a great guy, for a hillbilly.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Neato Torpedo

I am thinking this bike will build itself. I likes me. Some bikes fall together, some fight you at every turn. This ones a gem so far.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

66 T120 Tank

Black, my favorite. Classy, timeless, easily touched up for a rider bike.
Mercedes silver, with Red Candy over it & a touch of gold flake for the scallops.
Scallops will be outlined in gold pinstripe.
Im going for classy traditional Bobber on this one.....I think :-)

Monday, March 8, 2010

New Project.

1966 Triumph. I like this one. Previous owner rebuilt motor , crank gone thru, new pistons, cams, clutch, Boyer ignition, & he couldnt get it to fire. I love finding bikes like this. He did a really good job on everything he did. I played with the carbs for a bit & fired it up :-)

I am going to try really, really had to do a Traditional Bobber with this bike. I have tried numorous times to do this, & always end up going off in another direction. The Saving Grace bike was to be traditional, then.....

Ive had no internet for 4 days

I though my brain would melt. Then I acually worked on the BSA for 2 days strait & got stuff done instead of sitting in front of the computer....huh......

I got the BSA wired & fired. Was waiting on the Kreem liner to dry inside the nice tank, but I was dying to test ride it, so I welded some bungs on this beater metal sporty tamk to get down the road. This bike is FAST! Wow. Really Peppy.

Excuse the cell phone pics, still on borrowed computer.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

XS 650, I think Im turning Japanese....

This will be a fun bike for me to do. Im building it for Trent, the lunatic that is BikernetMetric .
He is in Texas & will hopefully be showcasing the done bike at a ginormous party at the ROT Rally (rally of texas), its like Daytona without all the....Daytonians. And they have cowboy hats.
Oh, & guns.
If you are into cool bikes, humor, & neat things not found elsewhere, go now to BikernetMetric.

Apparently I cant post a pic tonite, Im on a borrowed computer......