Sunday, November 28, 2010

Coming home 2.0

First Ill back up a bit. Before leaving the shop, one of the last nights there I thought it would be neat to paint my van scooby van color. It was cool.
Now I walk out to it & wonder What was I thinking? At least it looks happy. It will eventually get graphics, zoomies, slots & other stuff ...then it will all make sense.  Just nod.

A shot of night time activities, dark at 5:00 pm here now, yuck.

Old Faithful, made from two 55 gallon drums, keeps me warm.

 Getting all my stuff from the shop, to fit in my garage has been keeping me busy. I swore I would not touch a bike until I got it all neat & tidy & outside spotless. This almost worked, until I looked one to many times at a BSA500 SS thumper. I couldnt take it & decided as I am broke, the kitchen is empty, etc.......... Ill spend a week on it to ready it for sale, & not worry about the remaining things that need put away.

Which reminds Me, anybody know what this tank is from? It is an NOS Italian tank. The fellow I got it from thinks he got it from Cosmopolitian Cycle a long time ago. It has never been run & is the neatest tank ever. Still has the break in procedure sticker on it.
WHAT IS IT?  who made 360's in Italy land?

OK, since posting this, I got my answer on Jockey Journal, it is a Wards Riverside Mohave 360 , made by Benelli. Thanks JJ guys.

For the last couple weeks, these have been my faithful watchers, Im sure asking themselves WTF is he doing?  Actually, them & my neighbors . At least the dogs tolerate me.

Now that this post has gone to the dogs, I bid you a due.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tesla sees the Light

Moving Home

Ive been moving a lot of stuff from my old Body Shop, back home. Feels good, & overwhelming a bit, as I need to make room, reorganize, clean, & make a better work space to spend my days.

Heres a glimpse at one stall in the Garage, multiple this times 3 & there you have it.

I made this while shuffling things around to make room for more stuff. Proud moment. I you miss the dart board, who knows where the dart will go :-)

Monday, November 15, 2010

The new deal.

I have not posted recently, for a few reasons.

Myself, and my Partner have been closing our Body shop for the last couple weeks. It was a good 4 years, glad we did it, & now Im glad we made it out alive, & as friends.

Ive grown tired of working on cars after 28 of doing it, & ultimately, recently, the Doctor told me it was time to not be there.......ever, no more, notta. So, that is what I did.

Now Im going to try something I have always wanted to do, stay at home with my Kids & Dogs and work there. Saint Motor Bikes, will Morph into something a bit more . More bikes, of all kinds, and online store, that will be something special.

I am extremely excited about my new future. Look for a new Saint site & store in the next couple weeks.

Thank you to my friends & family that have helped, & supported me in this process.
Mom, Robin, Bethany, Kyle, Shane, Bob, Chris, Matt, John, & Robbie, in particular.

Bye Bye Hot Rod Refinishers, Hello Home :-)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

El bike hauler ever is for sale.

My Daughter has decided its time to sell the El Camino. After he learning to drive on it, hauling to many people in it, killing 15 or deer with it, getting stuck in Mud in it, she has decided maybe its time she had a 4x4 Truck. I loved having her Cruck to use to haul bikes, but now that I have a Van, Im releasing her of the guilt trip here it is on Ebay Buy ME please