Monday, January 10, 2011

Back to XS 650 Cafe'

 On this bike it was asked that the exhaust exit under the seat. On an XS, the rear of frame is right on the rear tire & I needed to raise the seat area of frame up & lower the top shock mount, together getting a few inches clearance, & leveling the bottom of frame to ground, & also making the seat area line up with bottom of the Benelli tank, all in one operation.
 The other thing is seating for 2 was requested. It was decided that there would be a long seat, with a removable tail cone, so when ridden solo, it would have the traditional cafe racer look, but pop off the tail cone & there would be passenger room.
 It was a bit of a brain twister at first. Oh, and the bike is to have a muffler as well, while trying to keep it looking naked behind the motor. This all took a good couple hour staring session before I got a plan together.

First thing was to whack it all apart.

Then raise the old seat rail up on frame a bit.

Then add in some tube so the 2 sides tubes will extend up to raised seat tubes. And made slugs for the new tubes that will be added to extend seat a bit.

Next was to add the extensions, & reinsert the rear of frame that was stock. The rear may be altered a bit when I get to dealing with the tail cone.

Now its starting to look like a real cafe & not so much an XS.


Anonymous said...

Looking Awesome!

Bozi said...


Flyingxs said...

 How much modification is needed to fit the Benelli tank to the XS?  I have a nice NOS orange one like yours I would like to put on my cafe when it gets started.

Saint said...

I didnt  have to mod the tank at all. but in these pics you can see I raised the rear frame section to make room for the exhaust, and more so to make the seat line fall in line with the tank lines.