Wednesday, January 26, 2011

XS, rounding the corner

I finally figured out a simple attaching system for the removable tail cone on the XS. I wanted to do it in a way that wouldnt require any tools, or have any loose parts., The front slips into 2 small tubes, then pull the rear tab (spring loaded via the cylinder over muffler), push rear of cone down & let tab go into hole under rear of cone, snappizzle! I also reworked the tail reducing it in size from its previous to tall state.

We also decided the bike would run the traditional larger headlight, & that the speedo would be housed in the headlight so the front end would be naked & clean, resulting in the the top tree being the highest point of bike, much slicker looking I thing then having the gauges there. This required the head light housing to be stretched 3/4" to give cable clearance behind light plug , & a small rise for rim of top of speedo. It will be moulded a bit.

Lastly tonite, I tore it down to get the frame fully welded & remove tabs & mounts no needed & prep  frame & body parts for paint.


Anonymous said...

An awesome display of enginuity and art. Well Done... I can't wait to drive that down the streets of LA and represent Saint Motor Bikes on the west coast.

matt machine said...

nice one mate.....especially the snappizzle!