Best Coffee house ever. Really.

Carl from murphysdailythoughts a Local friend, posted some pictures of this amazing coffee house that resides in an old Church. It was a few miles past a doctor I had to see today, so I went to Brunswick, Md to see it. Which is also the same exit as Burketsville, home of the Blair Witch hunt....owwww, spooky.

This place is amazing. heres a few pictures I took a few minutes ago.

And yes, they have great coffee.
Look them up, Beans in the Belfry.


Carl Diaz said…
That place looks familiar!

Yeah, I definitely enjoyed it too. The rest of the town is quaint as well.
Saint said…
Yeah, I got some neat pics of another spot in town, where they ran the overhead railroad track like right between a few houses, like feet away.

Nice Antiques store down the road a few blocks, that had prices about 1/2 what they are round here.

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