CB Vtwin, more parts you can make in the kitchen when nobodies looking.

Wanted to make Brass emblems & tags for this bike, so I decided today was the day to try various methods to see what I could do simply.
For this, we are once again in the kitchen. Need a plastic bowl, some  PCB etching solution, a piece of brass.....and some other stuff,........

Used a sharpie for the test piece
 Radio shack solution, yes they still actually still sell useful stuff.
 It soaks the brass in the stuff.
 Checking progress
 Took it out of solution, cut to shape. painted it black & sanded the parts, the sand paper will remove the paint from the high areas where the sharpie.
The idea was a emblem for the muffler.
Annnnd anything that remotely looks like a gun to my Daughter, she has to shoot my son with.


Alfred de Klerk said…
That's funny. Your daughter sees a gun in it, I see some sort of bottle in it....
Nice idea with the PCB stuff!
Saint said…
Thanks Alfred, I learned the brass thing from Kirk on Jockey Journal, go stuff.

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