Happy Father's Day to Me. (and you)

I am really lucky to have my kids. Somehow theyre about grown up & still like me. And more so lately are having to help me...............ow how that tables have turned :-)
My oldest so will be an artist someday, my daughter a Pastry chef, & the young son a behind the scenes music industry leader, or rock star.

Thanks for Loving Daddy...........most days.  I do miss mine. May be a nice day to walk by the river.

Since its my special day, I told the kids they HAD to stand together for a pic. 12 noon, girl ready for the day, boys need a shower :-)


hi jeffi said…
Murdock is OUTTA there!
happy dad's day, dude.
drove by your place today on way back from unc's near POR but didnt wanna botha you
Saint said…
Should have pulled in mystery person. It was visitors day. Took turns riding Jake Ducati 900 & riding it silly like.

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