Thursday, July 28, 2011

BAD van.

Well the "The Machine" (that would be my awesome van) decided it wanted me to work on it instead of bikes for once, so it lost drive, then overdrive, then second, but not before I was on the way home with a replacement trans in the back. I got home in first gear, so it get points there for not stranding me. It was good because the day before I had driven a long ways to Dillsburg Aeroplane Supply for tubing. Super glad it waited until I was near home to toss its cookies.


Chucksspeed said...

I know that trans!  swapped one out of a B-body wagon when reverse went away.  They don't build them like they used to - d'ya think these fancy 6-speeders will be around in 15 years?  Not so much.  

Saint said...

The 700R4's weak spot is the Drive Overdrive area. They make a neat Z pack that has 11 sets of clutches to replace the factory 6 pack, one day maybe Ill upgrade. Just happy to be on the road again.  Now if gas would just come down to what it was a few years ago.
But hey, expensive gas keeps me riding tohe bike more. Its amazing how much stuff I can bungee to the back of my 1000 & I just got a sporty back pack as well to increase hauling capacity :-)