Monday, July 18, 2011

The Boys made dinner for me.

Tonight was nice Jake, Sam, & Pinstripe Chris showed up with supplies and made me & my boys dinner. It was a refreshing change to be able to sit around in the evening air & have company.

Chris is always an animal magnet.

 He doesnt even have food yet.

 The cat whisperer. 

Jake & Sam, cooks & Brothers.

Kabobs, mmmmm.

 Jake & Hobbs

Sam on the right, Shane my youngest on the left.

Sams awesome belt buckle that Kyle will draw for a Tattoo. 


Saint said...

why do you all do fun stuff when im not around. flocking gay mother flockers. bahh. i like chrees' hat.

Bdawn13124 said...

why do you all always do fun stuff when im not around? flocking gay mother flockers. i like chrees' hat.

Saint said...

Yes, we did the fun, eat dinner thing this while you were suffering at the beach for a week. What is so fun .....Ohhhhhh.......ner'mind.

Patrick Twyford said...

hey guys- where did you get that buckle from? I just scoured the internet and found a bunch of much less cool versions, but not that one.


Saint said...

Hey Paterick, I sent a note to Sam to see if he knows where to get one, Ill left you know.

Saint said...

Hey Pat, heres what same wrote me back, it is a 1982 baron belt buckle number 6293 dont know if you can still get them but is a website for baron