Frame Jig

The bike Im doing now, the Cafe Vtwin, & the next one a board tracker from scratch has dictated I finally break down & make a jig. In the past Ive always had enough of the stock frame to work off of that I could level, measure, & plum bob, but these 2 are not so..  A Doctor friend was tossing out a huge therapy machine that had a ton of nice tubing & some neato pivoting things. I knew right away what is would be.

The neck stem can tilt at a couple points & lock, as well as adjust up & down. The pivot points are 1" pins on bronze bushing. The rear axle plate piece can travel up & down & forward & rear ward. Im still debating the final axle plate piece to be added.

I wanted to center open, so I can put metal end to end to brace & clamp the lower frame rails to & still have an engine in the frame while its on the jig since they hang down in the middle.

Itll get paint at some point.


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