Weather Update

Its flippin HOT. Yesterday, Hot. Today, Hot. Last night, Hot...Im talkin Mississippi humid & Africa Hot. Poor air quality alerts.... Its like push mow one line in the yard & pass out Hot. Its do NOT sit on the Black motorcycle seat Hot.

Had to share, That is all. Please do feel free to comment on how excellent the weather is where ever you may be as well.

Mostly sunny; very hot, humid
Mostly sunny, very hot and humid
High 98°
Low 70°
Sunshine; very hot, humid
Sunny to partly cloudy, very hot and humid
High 102°
Low 73°
A t-storm possible; very hot
Times of clouds and sun, very hot and humid with a thunderstorm possible
High 101°
Low 71°


Chucksspeed said…
Glad to!  87 and sunny with occasional rain showers.  Forecast?  Repeat 364 times. 

living in the tropics has its advantages. 

From Guam,

Saint said…
Guam.....I mean , really? That must be a cool trip.

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