Dear Friends

I have been swamped lately.

  •  I have a few long term projects that have drug out, 
  •  I have over committed myself with a few short term projects to help friends, or old customers.
  •  My home has decided it needs anything to do with water the last two weeks, todays event being the Pressure tank, which was proceeded by leaky bathroom under the floor, burst water heater, bad shut off switch to pump, the list goes on.
  •  My son has had shows 4 weeks in a row.
  •  We have been blessed with a lot of rain in the last month, which also caused water problems in the house.
  • I have spent a good bit of time in the last bit on setting up new store & gallery & getting a few new products ready physically here.
  •  I have been to the ER, and then some docs after that...its not simple.
  • The list goes on, but hopefully I can just say, to much stuffed into a few weeks.
I have been blessed to have various people look to me to help take care of their needs.
I have been at a point the last 2 weeks that I receive a good number of facebook messages, emails, voice mails, calls, etc from people. I apologize to anybody I havent responded to as fast as needed.

If I post on the blog about something I did that day, like I used to like to do, it now makes me & may some others happy, but is upsetting to others that its not their project. I dont mean to say this in a bad way, just putting it out there.

Im behind, I know Im behind, it is my fault and nobody elses. I very much appreciate that some have extended deadlines with me in the interest of the job, and relieving a bit of pressure from me. I have cancelled any outside of home event I had planned in hopes of having my time better used.

Im back in the shop, tomorrow I will hopefully install a new pressure tank early & have it done. No shows this week or the next, hopefully no more water devices committing suicide , flooding, massive stink bug infestations , etc. I should be back in the shop tomorrow evening and and each day after with nothing in the way of progress on bikes..

Thank you everybody that read this Far,


Alfred de Klerk said…
Hang in there, Jeff. I'm sure your customers will understand.
John Leatherman said…
Pull through it Jeff, we're here for ya.
Cryingnines said…
If anyone has what it takes to weather a storm like this, it's you.  We're behind you all the way 

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