Tuesday, November 15, 2011

BSA 441 Board tracker thingi's

Ok, last we made the carriage step into a claw looking thing. I added some tips to the 3 ends & added a mount at the top, hammered and filed a bit and wah la. I went with the old Harley Hummer head light, and added modern lighting.

Now what will this thing be?

I love the roller, feel like Im steering a ship. Im rethinking the seat for the third time. The Brooks saddle is very cool, but I think the rider may actually ride this bike and would be happier with something a bit larger and more comphy.  Im going to try something, this will be the first part of the something....


unite tyre changer said...

This is really cool. I have learned a lot from this post. I'll keep visiting for more of your posts.

Bozi said...

Thank you. I just like making stuff :-)