Tuesday, November 8, 2011

freedom or death bike, #2. the money honey.

Please click here to the dedicated page for this and to see post #2 That shows the real money deal, since trent has said it cost 2000 to build, it cost 10,000 to build, Jeff was given 4000 cash, 4000 parts,........its never the same twice, even on his own site, the real money spent, and by who is here, so......

Also, if ever bored, here are the pics on my old site from the build, taken here, at my home. Obviously you can see I did do a wee bit off work to this bike.......

The original deal, was me build the basic bike. He had two people in Texas that he said he had, one to do any little fab work needed and supply a seat, and one that would go through the mechanics of the bike, the carb, brakes, the general all around as he specialized in xs650's.

Later fellow number one was fine to tweek around stuff, til about 1.5 days of dealing with Trent & he wanted him out..... Jeff ruins Trents life again..
Fellow number two, did a wonderful job on the carbs, went thru brakes and such, plumbed the ax gas tank & pump that I supplied nicely (of course to read it now on trents sites, its a stroke of genius that he concocked...whatever), and then the fellow charged trent about a third his normal Rate and trent exploded since hed bloooogged about him  or some shit. The bike remained at that shop for 6 months or so until Trents girlfriend could pay to get it out as it was about to have a lien on it. So then it all changed to I built him a bike that needed all this shit fixed, the brakes werent safe, the starter died, etc etc.....Jeff ruining his life yet again.


Alfred said...

This Trent figure sounds like an asshole.
Sad to see that a creative individual like yourself, seems to be the victim of lies and slander.

Bozi said...

Alfred, hey Buddy. Thanks for the note. Im just a victim of my own lack of sense really. Im still learning the same old lessons :-)