Freedom Or Death bike , Biker Metric. Get your popcorn.

For our first installment .....  A brief recap.
Last year I built Trent a bike, an xs650. He offered $4000 dollars to build a wacked out xs650 chop bob kinda cool bike. Id wanted to build a japper, but they dont really bring money on resale so never had the chance. Trent was all about garage builders, cheap jap bikes, enabling folks to build neat bike, afforable, and wanted to push the Metric side of things. All good, I was kinda into it, and  the $4000 would cover donor bike, and parts, maybe some paint and stripping etc. Id do the labor free of charge for whatever that ending up being, $4000 would get it done. He and Bandit, Keith Ball, would take care of shipping it down the Texas, for the ROT Rally have a delivery Bash, models, bears, photographer the whole deal.  Cool.

I found a good, well stored XS locally for $850, Trent sent some doe, I got the bike. Reviewed parts that needed bought, or made. Emphasized the first thing needed was a tail, and the duel 21" rims an tires, a must at the beginning of a build like this. Well, a long time passed, no more money from old Trent, just excuses that he couldnt sell his VTX he'd crashed, and lost a contract he had doing web stuff or something for a hospital, so he was broke.......This drug out. (Although in trents posting now, its refered to as, The Builder (me) sitting on the bike for months)  MmmHmmm . Got to the point, if this thing has a shot in hell at ever getting done, it was crunch time,a couple months away is needed abandoned, or some parts actually needed to appear.

 I asked a friend who builds awesome Tails and Oil Cans if hed kick in towards Trents Bike, Trent would pimp him on the web, etc. He said yes. Then I called another, he said yes, this was starting to look like I could now get a tail and at least go forward, the bike had been sitting torn down a while at this point, needing a tail and wheels & tires..

I told Trent the my 2 guys would kick in, and Trent lite up realizing, cool, free parts, Ill pimp them, alls well, he sent out emails asking for others to kick in towards his bike and got a few more people to kick in. So now it was the community bike build. So I got to it after the tail showed up here, That next day I started, with 5 or 6 weeks to go........

The rest of this long series of Poo flinging will have its own page so I dont clog my main blog with this BS.

Look at the header above at top of blog, you see Home, Ducati Front end, Freedom orDeath. Click on the freedom or Death,  this will be a page dedicated to this long drawn out deal.

Comments are enabled on my blog, so comment away.
Trent, though he preaches freedom of speech, disabled comments until after he approves them on Biker metric, so he can keep his haters silent on his site. Freedom or death and all that.......unless he looks bad, than no freedom....ha.

Click the freedom or death page to continue above please, to read trents own words from his blog.


workingman said…
I can't believe that this shit is still going on man. I will let you know with the seat and time that I put into it. I pretty much had a bill of about $1400.00. It's amazing how many times he has changed that same post on his site. I am glad you posted the link to xs650 chopper . It really shows the Trents true colors. He's a leech and most people who deal with him will see it sooner or later.
You're one of the most Talented guys I know and a great inspiration.
Keith St Peter said…
I agree with the first comment. Trent sounds and reads like a 1st class asshole! Jeff's the man.
Bozi said…
Matt, good to have talked to you tonite. Sorry Trent wouldnt publish your comment on BM, shocker, huh?
I hope we ends up at BUBS together, that would be great.

Peter Keith :-)

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