Friday, November 11, 2011

Freedom or Death Debauchery # 3

The horrible, horrible, bad, really bad bad bad Gas tanks youve heard about for a year......
Please click here to go to the story.... or tale.....not sure, Im just following the leader here.


Anonymous said...

jeffi, my friend, you're in a can't-win pissing contest with a full-on, legit sociopath.
trent is a big bag of shit who thrives on attention.
don't give him any.
life's too short and you have too much to do.
your pal,

Matt said...

Wow, Ive been following trents blog and yours for a while now. I do the after hours metric chopper thing and by day I'm a blacksmith. I saw the posts on his site and had to check yours, sorry for the headache you've got. In business I've had plenty of these stupid situations, but man you put in the hours and money. honestly I think I'm more pissed because I was so happy to see a site (Bikermetric) that fallowed metric choppers just to find another dutch bag screwing over somebody with talent and vision.

Bozi said...

Wow, your work is awesome. I love angels, and metal. The style you do is great. Im so glad you left a note so I could find that.
Far as Trent, yeah, I dunno. Its sad, he kinda had a good site, but anybody who deals with him personally & doesnt stuff for him, will later be somebody he hates & twists around in his head that things are what they arent. He needs to blame. I really would rather take these post down, but I feel like I need to counter point his BS a bit when he says the false numbers that throw a really false light on things.
I feel bad for the new guy working on the bike. He will later be hated & cursed at. Hopefully at some point this bs will end. Trents a drunk, threatens people, doesnt work,injures himself badly, and somehow in his eyes, I have ruined his life. Im not gonna shoulder the blame for that anymore.

Thank you for the note. Each note, email, and call mean a lot.

Matt said...

thank you for your compliments, and back at you.

I don't see "counter pointing b.s." as a bad thing. I'm an outsider looking in, and as soon as I saw his posts I started wondering what the other side of the story was. no matter how you cut it drama always sucks, but such is life. kudos to you for showing your integrity.
for your sake I hope this will all go away swiftly. your bikes are inspirational, and I know what a difference a clear head and conscience can mean.