Sunday, December 11, 2011

BSA 441 Board tracker Foot Pegs and Controls

This took a while. The right side wasn't to bad. I made the basic peg that you see welded on bike already, then made a rotating sleeve for the brake pedal that I made from one of my finds.

It slips the sleeve on the peg.

See here how the pedal lines up with the body line on the primary cover, & the lil lever tab on top lines up with the frame tube. Niiice.

The other side I knew would take a while, that assumption way correctamundo. The kicker messed with everything, it is where the sifter wants to be. I now need to make the pag folding out past the shifter pivot, so it can fold up to use the kicker.

I needed a break from that, so I made a tail lamp and a mount.

What in the heck is this lil gem???

1 comment: said...

this is a fire extinguisher from a willy Truck