BSA 441 Board tracker Front end

Well Im back from the Holiday break and some other things that needed done.
First on the list was to make the front wheel work with the Fork. Originally I was going to use the Honda Dream front hub & lace the 21" rim to it. That way it would bold right on the the Dream Front end. I decided last minute I wasnt liking the less stopping power factor, or the none matching hub sizes, so I gave Matt the BSA front hub to lace to the rim, and threw caution to the wind.

Well today was figure out how to make that work day. I reduced the axle size on one end, then the wheel hub didnt want to clear the Dreams sheet metal fork leg on one side, so I trimmed it a bit, then took apart the shock to flip the lower section to clear a nut , and finally got room for things to work, a little cleaning up on the cuts, and itll be good.

Then I was looking for the BSA axle nut, I looked through every place it should have been, and then all the other places. Then I went to get the nut off another 441 here, and WHAT?!  I slapped myself in the forehead. The lower fork leg on the BSA is threaded & there is no nut. I kill me sometimes. Of course its a reverse British thread on the axle, so theres no finding one of those around anytime soon, so I cut off the lower tip of the bsa tube. Its a big chunk of metal, so at least I can shape it into something cool looking.

Not much to see, but its all I got picture wise for tonite.


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