Tuesday, December 13, 2011

BSA 441 Board tracker, the Last Air Bender ...sort of

OK, there is to be a removable seat arrangement of some sort on the rear of the bike for an occasional passenger. It will be in the form of a rack that will remove, with a P Pad on it.

For this bike Im trying to be a tad on the subtle, but unusual side in the little things. This part I think the fellow will get a kick out. A coupe years ago in Greenland and Pennsylvania a Movie called the Last Airbender Based on the Avatar was filmed. The bad guy soldiers had grey boots, the higher ups wore black leather boots with embossing on the sides. Weeeell, one day lurking in a strange antique (kind of) store, in the back I saw racks of outfits that looked like old asian warrior kinda deals. The sign said they where the soilder outfits used in the filming of the movie, and then they had some of the boots. The leather was thick. I saw the embossing and knew I could do something with these. This particular pair was wore by stunt guy, H. Minami apparently. What does this all mean, not Jack really, just entertains me.

So I wacked up the one boot to use some of it for the rear P Pad on the rack, on the BSA. So, this bit of boot has seen Greenland, PA, MD. and soon the Florida Keys.

Theres a lot goes into some simple little details on these bikes, these are the parts I have the most fun with.

So far on this bike, stuff I gathered and reused or wacked and tweeked parts from to use are.

  • stage coach step , head light holder now
  • harley davidson hummer head light
  • Honda Dream front end modified
  • levers from Chang Jang CJ750
  • military  waist belt flag holder socket, now the brass thing that is the front of seat.
  • foot brake lever, early 1900's crank hankle for something I forgot
  • Brass Pump fire extinisher, now electrics container
  • boot from Last Airbender, now rear seat, check.

Zee boot.

Das boot bottom, kinda neat.

The old stunt guy owner

And the part Ill use. Modeled by Red Cat for the, Puss in Boot look.

Look closely....

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Jay Andrews said...

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