Friday, February 25, 2011

the URAL racer is BACK on EBAY........& Hell for Leather

 The URAL Got removed from ebay,  its back up now, follow below link, thank you.

First, thank you Wes for doing the feature on me & the Ural, very cool. If anybody hasnt poked around his site, youre missing a great spot. I was tickled to see a bunch of articles that indulged me for hours, including a wonderful shoot of Shinyas MV Agusta out in the sunlight.Check them out. Hell For Leather

Also, its on, the Ural is on Ebay. I have nooo idea what will happen here, but I hope its good, I need it right about now. Its a very unique bike to say the least & has gone viral in a few days, very cool & thanks to LeContainer, MotoLady (tumblr), Deus Machine, Return of the cafe Racers, some Russian sites I dont know how to say, Pipeburn, BMWcafe, ismeretlenblog & many other for putting my stuff up.

He ya go, everybody sit down & eat popcorn the last hour of auction with me. URAL ON EBAY , again. It got yanked the first time because of a complaint, so we'll try again.......

On ebay #2

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ural racer, getting ready for sale.

Kyle took some pictures of the Ural for me today & cleaned up the background a bit. I really love this bike. As always, wish I could keep it, but it will hit ebay in a few days.

Id like to see Ural own this Ural, or Chuck :-)

UPDATE: This bike has gotten me a good number of emails for additional info.
It is a 1993, Russian titled Ural, with 250 kilometers on it, it was about in new condition when I got it.

Here is a slide show to click on with some pictures along the way & also a picture of it as I received it.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

XS Cafe, getting it together

Its coming together.  Lots of cleaning nuts & bolts, painting brackets, little things that make a big difference in the end. I cant wait the ride this one, hopefully by weeks end I will.

Friday, February 18, 2011

XS frame ready to go go.

Finally got the frame in paint. I almost painted it with out removing the center stand mounts. All un needed brackets, tubes & mounts were removed. I love black & aluminum.

Back to Business, Clean clean clean.

The shop looked like a tornado went through it as we left for show. Cleaned a lot yesterday & some more today to get back to my projects, 1st in line is finishing the XS. Today was to be paint the Frame day, but I ran short of materials so I focused on cleaning the motor within an inch of its life so I can get the side cover off it & give it to Draft Cycle works to do some machining on it. Then I sanded the exhaust to ready for coating, cleaned the fork legs, brushed the lowers, etc. Hopefully by tomm night there will be a painted frame, with a clean motor installed.

Clean shop, soooo much better.

Hello old friend........

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Saint Motor Company is up and running....(not motorbikes, but motor company)

Ok, so for the last couple of years I have been building bikes for fun, & showing them on . Then we have the blog here, for my day to day doings & fun.

NOW, I am a we, & we have started Saint Motor Company, a store for parts, art, apparel & more. Please have a visit & understand it will be added to & refined in the next few weeks. We will eventually stock a full range of builders parts, frame parts, replacement parts for Jap & Brit bikes & have a good tech area.

Matt Brookman is my partner in this, he is an engineer, bike builder, & has the personality I lack :-)

Input is appreciated, let us know what you like ot dont like. 

the URAL..........won first place .........somehow.

So I built the Ural for fun, it turned into a neat bike. I wanted to have something to at least enter in the show, all the other bikes Im doing are midstream, so I took it. It was placed in the "Metric Cruiser Full Custom" class. This is a huge show.

Kyle & I went down to the show building on Sunday (our vendors spot was in upper building) to check on the Ural & Matts long bike. Kyle goes....."theres a trophy by your bike". To my surprise it was 1st place, kinda a shocker.

Im just now done decompressing from the long week & weekend & hauling back & unpacking stuff. Ill get some  more pics up as time permits, but for now I need to get back to work on the XS Cafe.

Above picture once again borrowed from Q-balls gallery
This would be Q-ball, the Santa looking fellow, great guy.

And my little tokens from the weekend.

And the infamous Fong Brothers playing with the Ural. (I like people to touch & sit on my bikes :-)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thank you Lowside Magazine

Lowside Rich was nice enough to put The BSA Cafe on the cover & centerfold . It was a nice touch to a good weekend at the Bike show in Timonium.

Visit Q-balls gallery where I stole this picture from for more of the bike show pics.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

If you see this Van, wave its me.

Chevy van, painted scooby doo colors with gold letters & hot pink stars, kinda noticable :-)

I will get more as time goes on, its the fun van.

Matts CB Bobber thing.

Matts bike came out nice, its really cool because after the show, it can leave my garage :-)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ural sees the sunlight..

I got the about wrapped up. Itll be a the Timonium cycle show, then back home to fire it & do a couple more things.

its new home for next 4 days..........

4:36am & alls well.

Have to load up the Ural in a few hours to go to the Timonium show.

Im allllmost done. ............ Really................not really, but I keep telling myself that. No sleep til Baltimore.

Brand your seat

star cookie cutter, fire, brand the leather......

The Ural gets a splash of color.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I'll be back.

Sorry for the lack of entertainment here last few days. Ive been thrashing on the Ural a bit so it makes to show, & trying to get the XS close to wrapped up. And then the boys Tracker (yes the same one that rolled over in the middle of Baltimore a couple weeks back), decided to eat a throw out bearing so Ive been laying in snow & ice R&I'ing the transmission.

I know its all just a test of my will..

Ill be back soon.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Molding a Leather seat, the Jeff way

Normally molding leather involves wetting the leather & shaping it by hand until it is dry, for hours. I made up a rig to hold pressure on it every which way until it dries, while I sleep. This thick leather, should be neat when done.

Tomorrow will tell how I did.