Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Southsiders 3erd Anniversary Party.

If you happen to be on the other side of the pond in June, this would be an excellent event to go to.
Tell Vincent, Jeff says Hi!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

XS, go towards the light

Finally out in the sunshine, off the bench. I got it to the point it was time to test ride, very fast little bike, big fun.
It will be even funner when I hook up the rear brake. Need to tidy up fuel lines, add fuel filters, make the kick stand a tad longer, & play with a few small things & it'll be good to go go.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

XS Wire & Fire

First Happy Easter to all. We have had almost none stop rain & dark weather for weeks. Today the clouds broke & it was glorious. Now in the early after noon, its thundering & pouring least all the reservoirs will be full.

Made the main harness with a breaker on Battery, relay for main power, Electronic Regulator etc. It will all be out of site.
There will be the ignition switch (Key is the gold plated jack :-) And one switch for headlight, high or low beam & off.
Need to bundle & wrap wiring & get carbs tuned :-) Green indicator is ignition, blue is high beam.
Making an LED tail/brake light as well from a few donors.

Took a 60 mile ride a couple days back on Old Faithful in the 40 degree rain to get some petcocks, that was noooot a good idea, I came back soaked thru & thru like a Popsicle. Took a pic of Lake Needwood, in the background,  the whole lake was brown, soo much rain. Need to get some waterproof gear at some point. The 1000 did excellent on the Dual sport tires in rain, mud & gravel washes.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

XS and the black cat

Heres a few pics from the last couple days.

Looks simple enough...........

Except both gaskets, the glass & the speedo are all from different gauges that met their demise to make this setup work. Excuse the mess.

End result, Yamaha Speedo in a XS headlight bucket extended one inch with a second bucket from a Russian Ural & retainer rim from a Triumph.........Looks like it was meant to be though. New  throttle cables on, Brakes bled, speedo hooked up, some motocross grips.

Found these neat little billet cone washers for the headlight ears to give it a more substantial look. You can also see the battery box just made up & battery .

I finally found a simple clutch Lever to Match the lever thats on the Hionda CB brake master on the other side. This is from a 500 2 stroke I have in the back. Needed a little love. Its neat that it had a little castle nut & cotter pin.

Time to think about wiring. My trusty companion Black cat, gathered some parts.

Then I showed him several different wire diagrams, he nodded his head to this one, so this is how we will wire this puppy.

I got some wire (Matts wire :-)

Black cat decided to star at me working while he kept my chair warm.

Black Cats name is Calvin. Our other Cat is Hobbs, get it? I call him Red cat. Heres Pinstripe Chris training Red Cat how to behave at the dinner table. He & Jake came over & cooked me dinner at Midnight a couple nights ago. Red Cat likes chicken.

Tomorrow we should see the XS fire with any luck.
Nite friends. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Excess XS

Polishing the intake manifolds a bit.

Intakes in place with carbs. I wanted them out a bit away from exhaust, & it looks a lot nicer matching the frame angles. This was attempt #3 on manifolds, I like these.

The front brake master cylinder that was on the XS originally Has been irking me, bulky & rectangular, looks very out of place.

I scored a nice CB master , all aluminum, smaller, suits this bike much better.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to dry a soaked helmet the wrong way.

So once again, I left my helmet out on the bike, & it got soaked last night with the storm. Went out to run errands this morning, and.....awwwwwwwwwwww.

This is my rig to dry it out in about 10. And when its done, its toasty warm, & a bit snugger for a bit.

Dont make fun of my helmet, its sentimental. It was yellow, my sons first helmet, then I paint it flat black, & My Daughter & I player with gold leaf on it one night for fun.  Itll do, itll do.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Few Tesla Pics

In a week or 2 Tesla will apart for refinishing. These are probably the last picture of the bike in Metal. Ive gotten very attached to this look.

XS needs some gas & juice

Heres the parts, freshened up boots, new carbs, wire wheeled metal retainers,cables, throttle, jets to tune, & some weird shiny mystery parts :-) Im making the intake manifolds, the angle carbs a bit, it will look nicer, & keep them clear of exhaust.

And heres the mini me Battery, we are going kick only, so it just needs a little steady juice to fire it up, & make lights constant at idle. This should fit in a very hidden place, like right behind the tank.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Ural, round & round she goes.....

The Ural's back on ebay. For an inexpensive bike, she gets around :-)

Annnnd Im back. With a new Camara.

Lots to catch up on.
More tonight, just wanted to check in & report all is well on all fronts.
Rodger, out.



XS650 LA-Got remaining parts in for XS, new new carbs, new throttle cables for new carbs, brake shoes Id been waiting on, and a coolio Mini Battery that I think I can hide very well :-)

CB Vtwin- next projectw

Tesla- Will be back in the works.