Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Today is a day to remember those lost, & pray for those in harms way. Normally thought about is soldiers that do as they are told, & go where they are sent in the name of protecting our country & citizens. I have nothing but admiration for these men, the things they must endure & go thru, & some returning changed people, or damaged. I do sometimes wish the higher up in charge would someday realize the toll there decisions make on our young troops & civilians.
 Please remember todays not really a day to Party like a drunk fool, its a day to remember people & what they do.

On todayI also remember those that fearlessly protected our old shop.

Clutch, mini american Eskimo, always there to bark at customers & beg for our food..

Spike, For well, not really guarding us, but doing stuff like this, he reeeally wanted the last drip of choclate in this can. Found him with the can stuck on his head wondering around into walls & pipes, that was a trick to remove can. He lived under the compressor shed for a couple years.

Bandit, for always making sure we didnt waste food.....ever. We always had to give him a ramp to get out of the dumpster.

No our shop wasnt in the country, it was dead smack in the middle of a city. Looking back, food seems to be key to all our little friends doings. 

I also Remember my Dad, but thats more an everyday thing. He looked out for me, & in a way still does today because of the way he was & values instilled. Thank you Dad.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

EBAY Blowout on Metal Flake helmets & Clip on Bars.

I must have lost my mind, they're all toooo cheap. Its Ebay madness!

Metal flake helmets $65.00

Clip on bars, Black or Chrome $70.00

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Best Coffee house ever. Really.

Carl from murphysdailythoughts a Local friend, posted some pictures of this amazing coffee house that resides in an old Church. It was a few miles past a doctor I had to see today, so I went to Brunswick, Md to see it. Which is also the same exit as Burketsville, home of the Blair Witch hunt....owwww, spooky.

This place is amazing. heres a few pictures I took a few minutes ago.

And yes, they have great coffee.
Look them up, Beans in the Belfry.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Facebook, oh no.

OK, after being bugged once to many times, I am taking the plunge into Facebook. I added the little "Like" button on the right. I think if you click it, its good. I have no idea. But if my kids can do it, so can I.

British and European Classic Motorcycle Day 2011

As usual we blended right in at this event filled with beautifully restored vintage bikes :-)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

This Weekend. Rock the Farm & Classic Motorcycle day.

Yesterday was Rock the Farm where Frederick Rock school played After Jah Works, & before Everclear. They had the crowd going insane, the older kids are no joke, I mean they killed it.

Then Today is Classic Bike Day, the first year at a New venue. Should be great. Ill have a vendors spot. Look for the SAINT sign, or a Scooby Doo looking Van, youll find me.

The kids are alright, they are a force that is vibrant an real. Music is a great thing to be involved in.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Cb Vtwin, some more.

The body is one now. I made the tank slope all the way down to seat, looks a lot better, & also gives me that much more room underneath to store electrical. There will be the one continuous body lines down the side of tank, seat & tail. Whole body lifts off & on easy, nice.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

CB Vtwin retro filler

The feel of old race car & airplanes will touch this bike here & there.



CB Vtwin, Metal metal

Time for the Body work a bit before I can finish frame. This one is starting with the tank style I like so much, but will look a little different in a day or so. The tank will go thru a few changes, including an aircraft type cap rrangement. I have folded down the rear pinch weld flush, the reason will be shown later.

The Body will be one piece, front to rear in steel & have quick release fuel lines, & two securing points that will allow body to be lifted off with no tools very easily to access electrical, Battery, Coolant etc with zero hassle.

This bike is going to be a little more high end then my normal, thus the sexy Rear set controls. Very Pleased with them. They will be available in the Saint store shortly.

Got the new front wheel (no on bike here), the clip-ons, & new fork tubes are coming.

The wheels will transform a bit as well :-)







Sunday, May 15, 2011


My Buddy John at Draft Just got his Baby started for the first time. Its an old BMW bike with a VW 4 cylinder in it. It had previously been sitting in a barn for a long long time.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Falcons Third bike, the "Black" has surpassed what I though it would be. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but this video & commentary speaks volumes. I was really courious to see how closely it would follow in the previous 2 bikes footsteps, but it is a bike of its owns.
 Congrats Amaryliss & Ian. Beautiful Motorbike.

Please hit the full screen option in lower right corner to view properly for this particular video.

CB Vtwin, and the winner is......

Modern Suspension, wheels, & brakes. The bike overall will still be in a Vintage flavor, & the wheels will be transformed.......thats rite, they will Morph into something retro.

Monday, May 9, 2011

XS650 Cafe Blast off

A lot of people have asked what the Exhaust sounds like, here you go.

Its the little things

Ive had a friends Bobber sitting here over the winter waiting to long for my attention, finally got to it the last couple days. One of the thing he asked for was turn signals that didnt look out of place on his bike. I couldnt really ever find anything that would look rite on it, so I made some. They will be yellow tomorrow. The reds will go in back.
I hope you like Peter :-)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

CB Vtwin, what to do, what to do.

This is what I sit & stare at for hours sometimes mid build, & think about laying in bed, then Ill get up, go out & swap everything around so I can see what it may look like..

Vintage wheels, suspension ,& brakes?

Modern wheels, suspension, & Brakes with a vintage upper frame & bodywork?
Mono shock or traditional shock?

Friday, May 6, 2011

CB Vtwin

This bike will be interesting. Heres the 2002 Shadow Motor in the home it should be in.

Cut cut, reuse the cradle for motor, which is better. On the shadow it has a water pump down on bottom left, so that frame tube is a bit higher then other side to access pump & hose..

Slug joints as needed.

Insert top half of CB frame. Narrowed the top, made a new rear tube that stouter 1.25 tube & follws the motor line.

I love the old Benelli Tanks. New old stock. Huge tunnel for hiding stuff in.

Now I need to figure out a swing arm, I gathered 4 various types to play with.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

XS Done.......

Almost.  Speedo needs some love, other then that, big fun! We took it out today & tuned & took photos. I got it down to one or two kicks to start from cold, very happy with it.

Heres a few pictures for now, need to edit many more. If you are just tuning in on this bike, the owner wanted a muffler, out of sight, the rear section to be naked of clutter, & a cafe style seat, with the option to seat two, thus the removable tail cone. The exhaust note of the bike is excellent, sounds like a cammed 2sroke at Idle & revving, & goes to a deep throaty sounds under load & acceleration.

More to follow.

On to a Vtwin Cafe :-)