Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Kids warming up for Outlaw Jam.

The kids running thru it this morning early before they headed to the Outlaw Jam. Francheska Pastor, the singer in this song is 13. Yes, some of the kids are still cool. My boy Shane is on Bass.

Friday, July 29, 2011

BSA Board Tracker

Dont ask dont tell, thats what Im going with here.  And no, it wont look like that later, itll be more slip stream.

Vtwin Cafe standing on its own

New fork tubes, tires, front wheel, etc. This will be a super fun & versatile bike. There's been a few more hurdles on this bike then expected, but its turning into my favorite bike I think. The wheels will look a bit different when done :-)
Excuse the mess, I was a bit to tired to clean up for pictures tonight.

Front end just looks like gurrrrr, out of the way, or Ill run you over.

 Rear end has the look like, Ill leave a rooster tail on the sand, dirt, & grass.

 I love the side profile. There will be detachable rear pegs as the seats big enought to swish on a passenger as asked.

And my lil buddy Calvin, looking at me like "you're gonna fix that arent you?"

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ducati. Thats right. Ducati

Doing a little work on some of MotoLady's Ducati parts. The last while Ive gotten back to street bikes a bit & Ducati's seem to keep creeping up on my brain. 3 of my friends have Monsters. My son wants a 1198 or something. They are beautiful bikes, they remind me of hot rods a bit. This tank will get fixed up a bit.....a lot & John at Draft helped to make her 748 front end go onto her 700 Monster. He had to do some machining with the stem & trees as everything is very different between the two.

Its nice to have friends to help out each other & exchange work with.

BAD van.

Well the "The Machine" (that would be my awesome van) decided it wanted me to work on it instead of bikes for once, so it lost drive, then overdrive, then second, but not before I was on the way home with a replacement trans in the back. I got home in first gear, so it get points there for not stranding me. It was good because the day before I had driven a long ways to Dillsburg Aeroplane Supply for tubing. Super glad it waited until I was near home to toss its cookies.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

BSA Board Tracker

As Monty Python would say...... " And now for something completely different."
Vintage Brooks & Vintage Persons seats. And some strange looking thingys. 

Vtwin Cafe, Motor mounted, check.

The Vtwin will be off the jig in the morning, then I can get back to the fun stuff. Just finished the Front motor mount & a few gussets up.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weather Update

Its flippin HOT. Yesterday, Hot. Today, Hot. Last night, Hot...Im talkin Mississippi humid & Africa Hot. Poor air quality alerts.... Its like push mow one line in the yard & pass out Hot. Its do NOT sit on the Black motorcycle seat Hot.

Had to share, That is all. Please do feel free to comment on how excellent the weather is where ever you may be as well.

Mostly sunny; very hot, humid
Mostly sunny, very hot and humid
High 98°
Low 70°
Sunshine; very hot, humid
Sunny to partly cloudy, very hot and humid
High 102°
Low 73°
A t-storm possible; very hot
Times of clouds and sun, very hot and humid with a thunderstorm possible
High 101°
Low 71°

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Boys made dinner for me.

Tonight was nice Jake, Sam, & Pinstripe Chris showed up with supplies and made me & my boys dinner. It was a refreshing change to be able to sit around in the evening air & have company.

Chris is always an animal magnet.

 He doesnt even have food yet.

 The cat whisperer. 

Jake & Sam, cooks & Brothers.

Kabobs, mmmmm.

 Jake & Hobbs

Sam on the right, Shane my youngest on the left.

Sams awesome belt buckle that Kyle will draw for a Tattoo. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

BSA 441 Board Tracker. The new Kid on the block.

The next bike will be a neat project. It will be a Board Track Racer styled bike, heavily influenced by that style of bike. A bicycle kind of vibe, minimal, but maybe with more of a little bit later type feel, & a bit more stout. Instead of a fragile look, a bit more like what I like, the roll over anything in the way look & function.

The owner has been very nice in giving me a bit of free rein with his beautiful BSA. Its was asked that it keep some of the BSA feel & branding to it, which it will in a neat way.

I think the Vtwin Cafe bike, & this BSA 441 will be 2 really neat bikes to have done in a row, they are a bit more where Im headed I think.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vtwin Cafe, Tail Lamp

 One of my favorite parts of builds is making little parts from old things. I like to go to the Antiques stores, Ill see something that looks like it could have another use, or at least has a part if dissected that can be made into a piece for something else.
 Here is what they call a "frog" for flower arrangements, one stem goes in each hole, these also come in grate style (the old ones). This one I found has a Mother of Pearl looking rainbow color to the glass. It will go into a steel tube housing that will be frenched into the tail, sticking out just a bit. it will rid red LED's in it. Should be pretty cool.

Vtwin Cafe, hiding a radiator. I never.

This is the first time Ive built a water cooled bike. The thought of the radiator being front & center did not sit well with the owner, or myself. I found a good sized unit that would squeeze in where I wanted it, but I did have to unsolder & resolder the inlet & outlet tubes in different positions. After a little manipulating I had it in place between the 2 rear tubes & made up some mounts.

Here it is in place before fan. From the side, it is perfect.

Then added the fan.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Vtwin Cafe swingarm

Now that I have the jig, Im back on the cafe and could move on to the swingarm. The rectangular Ninja one did not suit this bike, it wanted a tubular one. I made it from 1 5/8" tube, the front pivot tubes are 1 1/2", sleeved with 1 1/4", & then oil lite bushings used on inner frame mounts & the swingarm sleeves.
I still need to gusset the mounts on frame. Next up is new front motor mounts.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Frame Jig

The bike Im doing now, the Cafe Vtwin, & the next one a board tracker from scratch has dictated I finally break down & make a jig. In the past Ive always had enough of the stock frame to work off of that I could level, measure, & plum bob, but these 2 are not so..  A Doctor friend was tossing out a huge therapy machine that had a ton of nice tubing & some neato pivoting things. I knew right away what is would be.

The neck stem can tilt at a couple points & lock, as well as adjust up & down. The pivot points are 1" pins on bronze bushing. The rear axle plate piece can travel up & down & forward & rear ward. Im still debating the final axle plate piece to be added.

I wanted to center open, so I can put metal end to end to brace & clamp the lower frame rails to & still have an engine in the frame while its on the jig since they hang down in the middle.

Itll get paint at some point.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pics from today. Draft Cycle Works.

I visited John today at Draft. Played with the camera while I was there. Today was successful visit as I did not touch anything I shouldnt have, & didnt break anything valuable.