Tuesday, August 30, 2011

BSA 441 Board tracker Frame

Here I had started to place things together to figure out the direction I wanted to go and size it up.

Being a Board Track styled bike, the frame should be a bit towards bicycle. I love the Front end, & got the neck bearings figured out, & the axle. I wanted the bike to kinda of have a hint of airflow to it & more sheet metally feel. So I amgoing to make the front & rear tunes slip stream in shape, round in front, flowing the a point on the backside.

Vtwin Cafe, little details

I made & welded in the tail lamp housing, now I can finish the rear of the tail. The tail, tank & support bar around it has been welded solid. Its a very nice rigid one piece body.

I also scrounged the wrecking yard for a heat shield that would fit the upper pipes nice, bingo, got one.

BSA 441 Board Tracker

After the initial cutting of the factory frame, there was one more crime to commit. The tank that was on the bike when it came was a really neat tank that was not the original 441 tank, it had neat body lines in the side that I Love. The owner asked that is still reflect its BSA heritage, so the tank is to be narrowed & stretched & will retain the the character it has.

I felt a little bad, but well worth the result.  Now it needs cut across & stretched to be longer in Board tracker fashion.

441 Board Tracker

Ive been derelict in my postings on the 441 & the Vtwin Cafe, so here we go. The 441 last we saw it was a nice looking little bike, here is the first in the series of picture of it a bit stripped down on its journey to greatness :-)

Friday, August 26, 2011


We have a Crazy Rays U pull it yard a few miles from home, very nice finds sometimes.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ducati, adapting 748 forks to a 750 monster

This was a bit of a process, mostly done by John at Draft. Theres is a full page on the work needed & done here on this blog.  If you notice up on the top of this page, there is now a permanent link to the write up as well , as I do more things like this that others may benefit from, Ill add pages like this..

Bam! Looks factory.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Flat black day at the house.

Jake drove his Black Mustang today & I had another friends caddy here for tinkering.

Vtwin Cafe, the wheels.

When I suggested using the newer style wheels & suspension to the owner of the bike, part of the deal was making them go with the rest of bikes look, which the ninja wheels in stock form dont. I wanted to cut wheel disc reminiscent of the old Car Salt flat wheels. This is one of those things, after I say it I really hope it works & is possible.
 John at Draft Cycleworks made it possible. I got a 48"x 48" piece of 1/8" 6160 aluminum, & cut it into 4  pieces & went to Johns. The first disc took quite a while to figure & do, me watching mostly, John doing .
 They will have a bit more going on before they are done, but heres the idea. And Im in the woods a bit with caliper clearance, but Ill get it worked out.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Roxie dog

She watches over things, & really really lets me know when somebody in near the house.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vtwin the pipes 3.0

Ok, now I think Im happy. The top pipe follows the cooling fins on rear cylinder and the curve or side cover.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vtwin Cafe the pipes.

Been trying different configurations on the exhaust. I think Im almost happy with it, need to change it a bit more.
I want equal length & no sharp bends off the rear cylinder. It will be ceramic coated when done..more in a few hours.