Wednesday, October 26, 2011

V-twin Cafe. Horse parts

We wanted to do a leather belt deal for a tank hold down. Ive found old horse harnesses are good finds for this type thing, they have the real solid brass buckles, and the strap is narrow. I made the little do dad on the top end, re riveted it with cooper, and I totally like it. I want to have it so the fuel lines can be disconnected , and the one piece tank/seat will be able to be removed with no tools .

BSA 441 Board tracker handlebars

The Handlebars for the board tracker have taken a few attempts, each time I wasnt happy. It wanted to have dropped bars, but I dont want it to be uncomfortable since its goal in life is to be ridden around the Keys. Its nice the front end comes up so high by the neck, I finally settled on the bars would go up and and back down to look right, but really not be super low. Then I gave them a little love to make them fit in with what the bike will be.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vtwin Cafe, a glimpse of the wheels together

Its a monumental moment for me. The wheel deal took a bit more then when I initially thought, "oh this would be cool to do." Thank you John at Draft again for taking care of this. Now I just need to drill and tap 18 holes in each side of each wheel. I will be good at drilling and tapping when theyre done. When the front & rear rotors are added the wheels will look exactly like Id imagined, stylish and aggressive with a vintage look..
I settled on a headlight, and will make up  brackets and the rear shock mounts the rest of the way next.
Some of the details youll see soon on this bike will throw it in the vintage direction nicely.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thank you Moto Rivista

Theres a site that I have started looking at a lot recently, its very well done and had a lot of content, and is really user friendly to get you right to the kind of Bikes you like. Recently they have done a few stories on Me, My friends Super Rat and that got me there, now Im stuck on them. Have a look if you havent.

Heres the bit on the BSA they recently did as well. Thank you my friends.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

V-twin Cafe. Draft does it, to it.

My friend John At Draft , got the  wheels disc done to convert the Ninja wheels into a more retro, Salt Flat looking type wheel. It was more of a process then anticipated, which all things good usually are, but it is so worth the results that they will make possible. Thank you John for taking care of my weird needs.