Friday, December 30, 2011

BSA 441 Board tracker the neck

Previously I had used a couple bushings and spacers on the neck & bearing cups, it worked well, but its been eating me. I removed the upper & lower neck/bearing cup parts from the Honda Dream that the front end is from & added them to the BSA neck this gave it the correct neck length from top to bottom , & allowed me to just use the stock Honda Races, Balls, and cups. Much better I think. I also installed the steering stop.

Now onto handler bar set 3.0.

Lil dark to see the bottom well.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

BSA 441 Board tracker Front end

Well Im back from the Holiday break and some other things that needed done.
First on the list was to make the front wheel work with the Fork. Originally I was going to use the Honda Dream front hub & lace the 21" rim to it. That way it would bold right on the the Dream Front end. I decided last minute I wasnt liking the less stopping power factor, or the none matching hub sizes, so I gave Matt the BSA front hub to lace to the rim, and threw caution to the wind.

Well today was figure out how to make that work day. I reduced the axle size on one end, then the wheel hub didnt want to clear the Dreams sheet metal fork leg on one side, so I trimmed it a bit, then took apart the shock to flip the lower section to clear a nut , and finally got room for things to work, a little cleaning up on the cuts, and itll be good.

Then I was looking for the BSA axle nut, I looked through every place it should have been, and then all the other places. Then I went to get the nut off another 441 here, and WHAT?!  I slapped myself in the forehead. The lower fork leg on the BSA is threaded & there is no nut. I kill me sometimes. Of course its a reverse British thread on the axle, so theres no finding one of those around anytime soon, so I cut off the lower tip of the bsa tube. Its a big chunk of metal, so at least I can shape it into something cool looking.

Not much to see, but its all I got picture wise for tonite.

Friday, December 16, 2011

BSA 441 Board tracker

Ow, they nice with tires..

Heres a horrible picture. Its blurry since I was falling over when I took it, this means its time to retire for the night normally.
Kinda like when John Wayne was drunk riding his horse & fell off, and says "We camp here".
You can kind of make out the rack, it will be level with the seat and it looks pretty slick. And the seat I just made about 2" longer in the front. Much better.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

BSA 441 Board tracker the wheels

Well Matt has been really really busy, so he told his son to lace the wheels, or no dinner.
Good job little one.

Of course I gave him rewards licks for such a great job. Taste like chicken.

BSA 441 Board tracker, the Last Air Bender ...sort of

OK, there is to be a removable seat arrangement of some sort on the rear of the bike for an occasional passenger. It will be in the form of a rack that will remove, with a P Pad on it.

For this bike Im trying to be a tad on the subtle, but unusual side in the little things. This part I think the fellow will get a kick out. A coupe years ago in Greenland and Pennsylvania a Movie called the Last Airbender Based on the Avatar was filmed. The bad guy soldiers had grey boots, the higher ups wore black leather boots with embossing on the sides. Weeeell, one day lurking in a strange antique (kind of) store, in the back I saw racks of outfits that looked like old asian warrior kinda deals. The sign said they where the soilder outfits used in the filming of the movie, and then they had some of the boots. The leather was thick. I saw the embossing and knew I could do something with these. This particular pair was wore by stunt guy, H. Minami apparently. What does this all mean, not Jack really, just entertains me.

So I wacked up the one boot to use some of it for the rear P Pad on the rack, on the BSA. So, this bit of boot has seen Greenland, PA, MD. and soon the Florida Keys.

Theres a lot goes into some simple little details on these bikes, these are the parts I have the most fun with.

So far on this bike, stuff I gathered and reused or wacked and tweeked parts from to use are.

  • stage coach step , head light holder now
  • harley davidson hummer head light
  • Honda Dream front end modified
  • levers from Chang Jang CJ750
  • military  waist belt flag holder socket, now the brass thing that is the front of seat.
  • foot brake lever, early 1900's crank hankle for something I forgot
  • Brass Pump fire extinisher, now electrics container
  • boot from Last Airbender, now rear seat, check.

Zee boot.

Das boot bottom, kinda neat.

The old stunt guy owner

And the part Ill use. Modeled by Red Cat for the, Puss in Boot look.

Look closely....

Monday, December 12, 2011

BSA 441 Board tracker Rims

The rims are beautiful brushed brass. KStP.... surprise! 
Im going with my gut & what I had in my head originally, It should be wonderful and subtle when done.

Now they are off to Matt, the lacing Master. Here he is destroying my driveway & a tire. Or as he calls it, carb tuning in the snow.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

BSA 441 Board Tracker spokes.

Mmmm stainless spokes & nipples that wont ever rust, even in the Keys :-)

Wheel of death

My affectionate name for my electric grinder/cutting wheel is the Wheel of Death. Once in a while, it reminds me why I call it that.

I mock thee Wheel of Death.

BSA 441 Board tracker Foot Pegs and Controls

This took a while. The right side wasn't to bad. I made the basic peg that you see welded on bike already, then made a rotating sleeve for the brake pedal that I made from one of my finds.

It slips the sleeve on the peg.

See here how the pedal lines up with the body line on the primary cover, & the lil lever tab on top lines up with the frame tube. Niiice.

The other side I knew would take a while, that assumption way correctamundo. The kicker messed with everything, it is where the sifter wants to be. I now need to make the pag folding out past the shifter pivot, so it can fold up to use the kicker.

I needed a break from that, so I made a tail lamp and a mount.

What in the heck is this lil gem???

Monday, December 5, 2011

BSA 441 Board tracker, the Rack on the Back...and the Back

Ive been derelict in my picture taking & blogging.
Heres the Back of the BSA. The stock rear wheel is in place for setting up chain alignment, the new wheel tire setup is a good bit larger.

It was asked that the bike have a removable seat for an occasional passenger. I thought a Bicycle rack looking dealio would best suit this bike. It will have a bit of padding & leather. It will also be neat to have for longer rides to strap stuff to. It will be made to put on and take off in a snap.

There will be more on this bike daily for the next bit. Presently doing the tank & oil tank.