BSA 441 Board tracker, rear seat/rack

Ive trying to decide how to do the rear seat. I had made the basic rack/seat a while back, but trying to mount it with out leaving much sign of it when removed was getting me, then I decided the rear foot pegs should be part of it as well, so the whole rear passenger area is one.

There is one main pin to pul in the front under the main seat. then lift strait up and off. The pegs will be wrapped in leather same as the frt pegs and grips.


trolley jacks said…
Buying a used vehicle can be a risky affair if you don't know what to look for, and this is especially true of pre-owned motorcycles since most beginning riders will opt for a second-hand machine.
Passengers who frequently slip during braking may prefer the non-skid tape be placed horizontally on the seat. Passengers who have difficulty keeping their seat during turns may find vertical strips more effective. In some cases, non-skid tape is most effective when cross-hatched.

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