BSA 441 Board Tracker, little bit of style

 Adding a few thing to the frame to make it complete, a few blank spots Ive been wait til its apart to fill in. The one side with the mounting hole will be the brake stay rod mount. The other side the speedo cable can creep along inside out of sight.
 These started life about a century ago as horse harnesses , I removed a lot of tabs & various gizmos and took a good bit off the surface to get past the rust pits. It took a bit, but the shape and inside webbing is so perfect, They were an awesome find.

Rough cut after removing stuff..

Smoother cut.

The left side I over engineered the brake stay mount and left some of the original casting web on either side. 
Ill make a matching sleeve at the joing in front of it to mach rear, and duplicate on the right side, for a way back when look.
 The inside of the is very neat, & a good way to run tail light wires and speedo cable.

The right side.

And the cat was so glad I was back working he of course would not get off my shoulder while I worked. Freak.



Robert Kelly said…
I like the design of this bike. Its little beat sporty or stylish. It looks like the gentle-mens motorbike. How much I will pay for this bike?
Bozi said…
Robert, it is not for sale, It belongs to friend, Im just working on it. But Thank you.

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