happy Easter and thank you Bethany Dawn

A few glimpses from my Easter weekend.

First I needed to get my haircut, a lot. Thank you. Now I can go pick up a hot chick.

Ok, I found a bevy of them, nice and hot..

This one seems to take to me, its my big beak like nose I think that draws them in.

My beautiful Daughter Bethany pummels the lil birdy into a parfait like substance.

She cooked the battered bird & wah laa, ..... a colorful Easter cake, not sure how she did that.

The cover the playdoo looking bird cake in whipped cream of course.

And put some strawlizzleberries on the top for good measure. Strawlizzleberries are like strawberries, but grown in Baltimore.

She also made 2 cheesecakes. This is all before 10am, shes such a sweetheart.

The best part is she took all the cake scraps, and extra strawlizzleberries & added some love (whip cream) and handed to me for Breakfast, nom nom num..

Ill leave out Religion here, Some are thankful that Jesus arose. Some like bunny rabbits and eggs hunts. Some go way back and it is the day of the Fertility Goddess.
So go the Church or Pray & share, or go hurt eggs with the Kids, or....Make babies, which ever is you, Happy Easter my Friends.


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