BSA 441 Board Tracker- Brake stay, exhaust

The front brake stay on this bike was kicking my butt. On most bikes with traditional fork tube, the axle holds the wheel, and the brake stay bolt solid to the brake plate and the lower fork tube, no movement, it all stay in the same relation to each other.
On the Honda Dream front end I am using on the 441 since the axle & wheel travel one a pivot arm at the bottom of fork, the brake stay bolting to the fork housing, and the brake plate in wheel have movement between the two. So the brake stay arm needs to be rubber bushing'ed on the ends, and ideally travel in the same arch as the axle pivot arm. And switch sides from the original Honda set up.

Figured it all out. I Put the new mount in various places with suspension and axle and brake plate in place to test suspension travel with the brake stay travel. The old sheet metal mount on other side will be removed.

And a sexy shot of the exhaust and tail lamp.


wow this is good. And really interesting. Thanks for sharing. giirls and motorcycles

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