BSA 441 Board Tracker Front end assembly

Thank God for the Mt Airy Ace hardware. I was short a few bearings and they had them. Saved the day.

I hate this game...please stay, please stay....try to put the fork in...tink.

Every old piece, parts, or nut/bolt that is not new gets the rust cleaned and brought back to clean metal.

The stock deal on top of the Dream fork has two large nut, and 2 10mm bolt so the hamdlebar clamps end up with non matching fasteners. I played around so all four would be bolts, the same size.

Much nicer view with matching bolts on the bar clamps.

Mounted the Zender Diode on the fork, looks perfect there.

My tormentor, always near.

The head light I just snapped together to see, it still needs apart to wire yet, but it looks slick.


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