BSA 441 Board Tracker oil tank

One of the last things on the BSA was the oil tank.  I made it so the vent line should it ever drip, will go on the chain. The vent line fixture has a cavity with a hole into it from tank, and another from line that are smaller then the cavity in mount so oil cant simply splash and go out the vent tube. I should have gotten a couple more pics as I made it, had to explain.

I reused the stock bung and oil cap and welded that to a thick walled stainless elbow with a nice flange at the top. The notch in the bottom is for chain clearance. The  vent on top has the rubber line coming down that points at chain.

The feed line at bottom, and the return line in top.

 Here you can see the venting nub thing on top that was reused and welded in from BSA.
Loose one the floor, it looks a bit Android'ish I suppose, but when in place on the bike, it all makes sense & looks right at home. 


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