Thursday, November 15, 2012

Vtwin Cafe- Back to it.

 Im back on the Vtwin 600 Cafe. It has gone thru so changes in direction.
Originally it was being built to carry 2 people. Now it has changed from mild into a more aggressive stance, shorter tailed, dual exhaust Beast.

Heres where I left off a while back. Long rear body, fairly level and mellow.

Then the new owner asked for a more Street Fighter kind of bike, sooo.

I made a completely different rear frame the exhaust is redone, went to a monoshock in the rear instead of 2 regular shocks so the mufflers could be pulled in tight to frame, added a more aggressive tilt to the upper main frame and redid the rear side frame and moved radiator.

  Kinda cool.

  starting on rear cowl..


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Perkins Blair said...

Twin exhaust snoozing out from the rear. One funny thing with this bike is the way it is designed and created. Everything about it is amazing yet simplified. I cannot fail to mention the rod seat and the huge wheels it is fitted with..AMAZING!!..