Saturday, December 15, 2012

Victorian steampunk Monitor keyboard and cam set.

Currently on my main site for sale with more Pictures here. And on EBAY here 

Here's a few fancy pictures of the project done. Its a 24" monitor with a camera built on the top that can fold back, and then down behind when not in use. The keyboard is a German made Kiosk keyboard that is about bullet proof.

If you have a nice office, restaurant, library, tattoo studio or retail store this would be a nice touch to some. It is nice as well so people in front of you are not staring at the backside of an ugly monitor. I wanted to back to looks nicer the the front.

These items are being sold as a set only. If you're interested, feel free to email me. 

The lady pictured is Alicia Elfving or you may know her as the MotoLady .
The lad pictured is Pinstripe Chris. I encourage sharing of these pictures and directing people here if they are interested in this. Thank you..

Currently on my main site for sale with more Pictures here.

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Anonymous said...

ABSO-FREAKING BEAUTIFUL!! This is amazing!! How and were do I get one for my hubby?