Friday, January 27, 2012

BSA 441 Board tracker the oil tank

I made up a tear dropped oil tank, instead of rubber bushings I thought Id try something a bit older feeling. The springs will be not red when done. I scored a nice old back support belt, worn in perfectly, it will be the battery hold down and keep it out of site a bit.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

BSA 441 Board tracker, rear seat/rack

Ive trying to decide how to do the rear seat. I had made the basic rack/seat a while back, but trying to mount it with out leaving much sign of it when removed was getting me, then I decided the rear foot pegs should be part of it as well, so the whole rear passenger area is one.

There is one main pin to pul in the front under the main seat. then lift strait up and off. The pegs will be wrapped in leather same as the frt pegs and grips.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

BSA 441 Board tracker ,bits and pieces.

I got the front mount for the rear rack made, Itl will have a removable pin in the front for releasing it from the bike. The side supports Im working on, they include the passenger foot pegs as well, all in one unit, so when the racks removed, the rear pegs are gone with it.

I started to play with the exhaust, we are tring to retain some original BSAness on the bike, & I think the BSA muffler & heat shield goes well with the bike. Need to massage a couple things, and change to tail on the muffler, but itll be perfect i think.

Also made the seat stops that sit under the spring cups.. Now Im back up front on the bars, again. The one set I liked mounted to the side of the front end, but there was not enough strength one the sheetmetal fork sides to support them, then I made some that went over the top of front end & down and out, like clubman style, that look horrible, but now I have a solution, itll be neat.