Sunday, February 26, 2012

Clean up day..

Time to clean up a LOT and regroup the troops.

This happens every few weeks where I have to clean up my messes to get back to a fresh start. Lately Im a bit more tired then I used to be when Im done and just go in, instead of cleaning each night like I used to.

 The morning started with Murdock looking like I felt. He always wakes up like hes hung over.

the work bench #1 needed help

The work bench #2 needed help, and the areas around the bikes and floor looked so much worse, embarrassingly so.

This Turbo 750 thats been waiting about a year, needed to come out. John is getting out of CB750's a bit, he still has a couple sweet ones he'll keep, But has gotten more into BMW's, so hes parting out this CB, and bringing a BMW R60 to sit here and wait. Itll be done up like the Green Ural Racer sort of , should be a cool bike. If anyone is onterested in this CB, or Parts from It, let me know & Ill get you to John. He has 2 compete 750 Turbo kits, one large, one smaller. Sporty front end and wheels with disc, clean, big ass rear wheel and tire all new, and the serious wide tire CB frame with Tanks he made that sit nicely on it as you can see.

Of course it was behind all the other bikes in line, so it was a good chance to just empty this side of the garage out and regroup to see if I could get some stuff from the build side out of the way to make it nicer to work, so decided today would be revamp and clean day.

A Seca, a Ducati, a Goldwing, and Tesla wait for their turns.