Friday, March 30, 2012

BSA 441 Board Tracker Speedo

Kind of self explanatory. The bottom of the tube will also house recessed switches for lights.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

BSA 441 Board Tracker Gas Tank...again.

And the survey it like this. 

Bit long, bit more tapered, and all in one. Also did a coil mount.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

BSA 441 Board Tracker

Ive always liked to way the Zender diode's looked, this is the first bike Ive had a chance to do something that looks right with one. Awesome picture lighting, I know.

BSA 441 Board Tracker, frame and head mount

Made and installed the lower tube, and made the head steady. Changes my feelings on the tank again of course for the ninth time.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

441BSA Board Tracker, the last tweeks.

This bike has had me going forward backwards more then any other, an had more then a few interruptions.I rethought it out before my trip, came back with a clear head & in a good mode & started at it. There were a few thing bugging me about the rear frame, the lower bars I wanted to angle up a bit more, they looked a tad to close the level, I wasnt 100 percent happy with the chain line, and the spring seat I spent to long on, sucked to sit on. Also remembering something another friend told me about the keys, is everything not painted or powered will rust in a heartbeat. I thought about the seat I made, and that all the small springs would last about a season , or that went in the pile.

Removed the upper rear frame, angled the lower tubes up in the rear a bit, also lowering the rear of the bike a hair, which is better with the soft front end when sat on I think.

Finally getting to the point of happy with the setup so I can start fully welding joints and cleaning them up.

I needed to raise the front of the rear seat rack a bit, it had a hair to much tilt before and the passenger would  have kept sliding forward I think. I also had been wanting to used some of the aero tear drop tube, and this was a nice spot. It will complement the oil tank tear drop shape.

The new seat is a 1947 Cadillac Bike seat. Nice size, and comphy. The tank will now be dual tanks, and sit up higher like this, allowing a center tube & upper head steady mount. I have some neat dual caps & bungs on the way.

The seat & the rack work a lot better together. Im a lot happier with the bike now, It was starting to get to busy. It needs to be simpler and less is better. I have the speedo mount about done, tank tomorrow an mounting for them. Tear down and fully weld after and to paint.

Friday, March 9, 2012

randomness from today.

The Brain sucker outter machine.

hahahaha, no I didnt write either. no Im not picking sides, just though it was a good place for vandals to hold a conversation.

Bethany Dawn, my lil Girl.

Shane, my littlest boy left.

Amusing , isnt it?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

441 BSA Board Tracker. version 2.0

 Well this bike, for how simple it is, has had me scratching my head a good bit. Everytime I do something, Im not liking something else, the feng shui just never quite holds together. I mean, I have gone thru a Parsons seat, 2 Brooks saddles, made the springy seat..... now, well, we will see.

 I made the Battery tray, so battery matches angles, finished stripping the tank shells inside & out, played musical handlebars for the last time, this time going back to square one & getting the stock (honda) upper parts for stock placement..... the whole time, staring at the bike.

 I took away the seat, the rack, and tried to imagineer from a blank frame sort of. It kind of hit me like a brick last night what I will do. Itll be alot slicker & sleeker, not so busy as it was starting to get. Tomorrow night it will look a bit different I think.

The brown is the sealer from the inside of the tanks backside, rusty poop.

Need to make new brake stay, this is uuuugly.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

BSA 441 Gas Tank....'s

Originally I was doing a single tank to hang under the frame. This would result in lose of the head steady. Ive run unit Triumphs with & without, its on ongoing arguement how needed they are. But after researching a bit on the BSA singles, Id be more comfortable running a second upper tube over the motor to mount to. Ill make twin tanks that will attach to the sides of the two upper tubes in the same shape.

I am glad the stock tank got cut apart to stretch , the inside looks to have had pretty good rust, and then cream sealed. Ill strip the inside as well down to clean metal before closing them up, then use Caswell Sealer, Im not a fan of cream any longer.