Monday, April 30, 2012

BSA 441 Board Tracker, little bit of style

 Adding a few thing to the frame to make it complete, a few blank spots Ive been wait til its apart to fill in. The one side with the mounting hole will be the brake stay rod mount. The other side the speedo cable can creep along inside out of sight.
 These started life about a century ago as horse harnesses , I removed a lot of tabs & various gizmos and took a good bit off the surface to get past the rust pits. It took a bit, but the shape and inside webbing is so perfect, They were an awesome find.

Rough cut after removing stuff..

Smoother cut.

The left side I over engineered the brake stay mount and left some of the original casting web on either side. 
Ill make a matching sleeve at the joing in front of it to mach rear, and duplicate on the right side, for a way back when look.
 The inside of the is very neat, & a good way to run tail light wires and speedo cable.

The right side.

And the cat was so glad I was back working he of course would not get off my shoulder while I worked. Freak.


BSA 500ss on Ebay ends today.

Hey all, this is the yellow BSA 500 cafe I did a while back. Its not a super high dollar bike for the fun it is, its a little torque monster pistol to ride, and a pretty good looker. The motor was gone thru and built  a while back and still has very few miles on the build. Read his description for more info.

Back to the Board tracker BSA shortly. Thought Ive have a post up last night but, itll be a bit more until I have interesting pics.

Friday, April 27, 2012

BSA 441 Board Tracker Torn down

The Bikes torn down to do final stuff to on the table where I can flip the frame every which way. It is going to get a few accents here and there, as will the front end... and I need to make the right peg fold up so it doesnt interfere with the kicker.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

441BSA Board Tracker, finishing the frame

Took care of the last couple things before I tore it down. Kickstands on, rear motor mount is done, a couple tabs to mounts electrics, redid battery tray a bit tighter, and tweeked the headlight mount so the headlight could tilt down without getting the zender diode..

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

BSA 441 Board Tracker, marbleized.

Ive been welding & grinding a good bit on the frame & tank, nothing super photogenic. But this is. I made up a piece to fill the old speedo hole in the Harley hummer light housing and add the ignition switch to. While I was there I went around in circles about the other hole in the housing and what to use it for, or weld it up. Its a large hole, to large for a standard high beam indicator, and I didnt want a switch there.

I had bought some large marbles & crystals a while back to make weird things for the Tesla bike, I grabbed a marble & thought it would be neat to illuminate & use for a killer running light, or high beam indicator. It looks purdy.

Made a socket unit for it with bulb

and waa laa! weird light thingi.

also you can see the new ignition switch mount here.

The whole time I was doing this, Red cat was wrapped around my neck, he will just leap off the ground or table onto my shoulders with no warning, and sit there as I walk around and work.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

happy Easter and thank you Bethany Dawn

A few glimpses from my Easter weekend.

First I needed to get my haircut, a lot. Thank you. Now I can go pick up a hot chick.

Ok, I found a bevy of them, nice and hot..

This one seems to take to me, its my big beak like nose I think that draws them in.

My beautiful Daughter Bethany pummels the lil birdy into a parfait like substance.

She cooked the battered bird & wah laa, ..... a colorful Easter cake, not sure how she did that.

The cover the playdoo looking bird cake in whipped cream of course.

And put some strawlizzleberries on the top for good measure. Strawlizzleberries are like strawberries, but grown in Baltimore.

She also made 2 cheesecakes. This is all before 10am, shes such a sweetheart.

The best part is she took all the cake scraps, and extra strawlizzleberries & added some love (whip cream) and handed to me for Breakfast, nom nom num..

Ill leave out Religion here, Some are thankful that Jesus arose. Some like bunny rabbits and eggs hunts. Some go way back and it is the day of the Fertility Goddess.
So go the Church or Pray & share, or go hurt eggs with the Kids, or....Make babies, which ever is you, Happy Easter my Friends.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

441BSA Board Tracker, leather work

Welded the tank a lot today, tomorrow is disassemble & grind on tank and frame day. I took a break tonite & worked on forming the leather for the seat. First cut the leather....

Then soak the leather..

Then hand shape it to seat for a long damn time as it starts to dry. Just keep going over it and stretching and pushing and such until it starts to stay put.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

BSA 441 Board Tracker Gas Tank...smore.

Trying to maintain the BSA sides & body line on the tank will be so worth it when done. It taking a bit of time. I lowered the speedo mount to frame level, may go down another 1/4" or so, not sure yet. filed a bit around the opening at frame to see what itll look like later, this should cool.

I love this anvil.

Posterboard, then steel.

Trying to make the second side and stay semi symetrical to the other side.

May go down a hair on the speedo.

The ten part gas tank.