Tuesday, May 29, 2012

BSA441, metal metal

There is a lot going on in this picture. Lots of welding, and filing and grinding and repeating on the neck area, tubes, and tank. There 4 different parts of the tank in this one area.  I am learning to lead, so the next step will be lead, or Body Solder as it is called now being lead free'ish. Im doing all this to try to end up with all metal frame and tank so I can still have it powder coated, instead of primer & paint. To Powder coat, there can be no plastic fillers, only metal.

I was going to just smooth it with filler as needed, but I really really want to do something that will be pretty trick in the end, that will require it to be powder coated brass like the rims, then little bits and parts masked off, them most of it sanded and painted black. Its kind of like the old bicycles , they would chrome to frame and foorks, then paint most of it, leaving the lower fork legs, and rear axle plates, and a few frame lugs chrome and then a pinstripe between the chrome & paint....itll be in that spirit and will really bump it up a notch, subtly .

Friday, May 25, 2012

New specs and a BSA

Well, Im going to get some new glasses so I can actually see what Im doing. I have scratched, chipped, and burned mine past the point of usefulness. Im thinking this time Ill try the 2 pair deal and leave a pair in the shop, and have a pair that stay nice so when the sun hits them, like driving, I could still see thru them, that would be super.

Then it will be Back in the BSA time.

BSA for those that dont know, stands for Birmingham Small Arms, thats why the logo is 3 rifles in a tripod, they used to make guns long ago.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Honda Vtwin 600 hits ebay

I am offering a bike on ebay, pre-completion. Buyer can pick color and leather etc. It is a very unique Cafe Racer/Street Tracker inspired bike. Drive train is a 2002 Vtwin Honda, suspension is 600 ninja, custom wheel jobbies, all wrapped in a vintage cloak of awesomeness......so yeah, have a looki, tell your friends.

Please Pass this on, use the pictures if you like, I just ask you link them to here, or auction. Thank you.

EBAY AUCTION Clicky Clicky.