Tuesday, June 26, 2012

BSA Board Tracker, Brassness

I picked up a few parts from the powdercoater. Normally when they do brass powder coat, it is over chrome, or powder chrome for a new brass look. These parts are ground and sanded metal and I asked them to do the translucent Powder over them as they were to end up with an antiqued, been around the block look. They came out gorgeous. Again Black and metal they will look spectacular.

One pic with flash, one without.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

BSA441 Board Tracker - Its hot. and so is the bike.

I thought I was about to grind the last weld and skim and paint this thing, totally forgot since Im running a solid gas cap, I needed to do a proper vent. I could just drill the cap and do the dirt bike tube thing, but thatd be a no go on this bike. So I removed the cap bung that Id welded already, go me, and then re did it after.
I made the vent tube go from under the cap area, to the bottom rear of the tank opposite the petcock for the vent hose, as a newer bike would be.
Also redid the headmount a bit different since removing to motor was just to tight and I dont want to chip anything on re install in a couple days.

This has been the never ending frame/tank. But I wouldnt change a thing, itll be a really neat bike.

Been runing 95-100 outside, a hair hotter in the shop the first part of the day, hopefully itll cool off, or at least the grass will die so I wont have to mow it.

 File file file....

Heres the top of vent tube, I made a support that solid so in can get banged with a pump and not get damaged.

This is where Captain Nemo gets out of the vessel. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Off to the powder coater

Heres a few things before they went for brass powder like the wheel rims. The brass powder I ask to use on the stuff for the BSA is  translucent, and the chrome gets sanded prior, so after its coated, it has an antiqued look that is perfect for this one.

Trying to do anice balanced mix of brass and metal and black. The chrome items like exhaust will be wetsanded to a brushed finish.

Friday, June 8, 2012

BSA board Tracker

Welding and grinding doneish.
Paint it will be, not powder. The variations in metal thickness between the sheet, the tube, etc kept the metal from heating evenly to do the lead as I had hoped. So itll get done the old fashion way, etching primer, good primer & sanded and painted.

About  to get a light skim, sand & prime.