Monday, September 17, 2012

BSA 441 Board Tracker fuel and details

On this bike I was determined to do something different for the petcock, Ive collected some early 1900's gas valves from back when they had was lamps fed by natural gas, turn the valve, light the lamp. These are very simple well make valves, and just look flat out beautiful. The outlet was long, so I cut it down a bit, taped the valve, and threaded the fuel line and lubed it with flux the screw together and then soldered it. Im happy with the results, I think.

I always forget to tape off the throttle area of bars before powder coat, scrap and sand..

Spiffied up the compression release lever a bit with black and brass. The handlebar clamps andfork top with be removed and go black per request, I think itll probably look better Black too. good call.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bad Seed Rising. I wont be the one.

Everybody, some of my friends have just finished recording their CD, they went to LA and recorded at Dave Grohl's 606 Studio, then came back to do a proper video.
These kids are very young, and awesome, theyve opened for Kix, M3, Motley Crue, Everclear and yesterday shared the stage at the Charm City festival with Weezer, Marley, Flogging Molly.

Please, Please, hit this video and share it incessantly if you like it. Its a great song thatll stick in your head.

Bad Seed Rising.  "I wont be the one"

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

BSA 441 Board Tracker, assembly 2.0

Any old hardware or parts that get reused I clean to metal best possible then do a light coat of clear to keep them looking good as long as possible.

I needed to make and axle nut. Its a reverse British Thread and the old 441 front end had a thread leg on the fork tube. So me being me, wacked off the lower tip of shock leg and whittled it into a wingnut spinner type deal. Now you can just wack it with a brass hammer like an old british cars wheel to tighten. The Honda dream front end it is going on now also clamps the axle on both sides, so this is redundant really.

Shock and rockers in place.

Holy Moly, it finally has 2 wheels again. Somewhere in the Keys a cook just fainted.

This thing will be fun to ride over stuff.

I made the grips from some nice weathered horse bridle straps, Im kinda proud of this.

The clutch and brake cable run from lever into the sides of the sheet metal fork. Im redoing the compression release lever that still needs mounted.

 I had to make another brake stay, version 1.0 interfered with the fork leg.And there the finished smoothed axle nut. 

I trimmed the seat leather, Ill rub it and oil it a bit and maybe toast in in the oven a hair to bring its look around to the hand grips.Ive stained and oiled leather before and stuck it in the toaster oven and watched it til it get warm and will discolor a hair on the edges n stuff. I have also totally destroyed a couple things like this.....

 Next the throttle needs the tube extended so it has a nice long grip area like the left side, a fat leather battery hold down, so mounts, oil can, and some wiring and firing.

Friday, September 7, 2012

BSA 441 Board Tracker Front end assembly

Thank God for the Mt Airy Ace hardware. I was short a few bearings and they had them. Saved the day.

I hate this game...please stay, please stay....try to put the fork in...tink.

Every old piece, parts, or nut/bolt that is not new gets the rust cleaned and brought back to clean metal.

The stock deal on top of the Dream fork has two large nut, and 2 10mm bolt so the hamdlebar clamps end up with non matching fasteners. I played around so all four would be bolts, the same size.

Much nicer view with matching bolts on the bar clamps.

Mounted the Zender Diode on the fork, looks perfect there.

My tormentor, always near.

The head light I just snapped together to see, it still needs apart to wire yet, but it looks slick.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

441 BSA board tracker fork to paint.

I fixed to dings on the Fork, etching primed and primered it, sanded and reprimed. It is ready for paint in the morning. Ive also been welding bungs in the oil tank, and had to notch it a bit for chain clearance. Hopefullly itll be in paint tomorrow with fork.

 Pretty slick.

Pretty sexy, my guard dog.