Monday, December 17, 2012

Victorian steampunk Monitor,Cam, and Keyboard for Sale.

Victorian Steampunk Computer Monitor and Keyboard are now for Sale on my main site here .. 
and on EBAY here.
Have a visit if you havent seen the newer site.

Pictured in above photo is Motolady  who btw can actually dress like a girl at times.
She is hosting the most awesome ride ever thru Portland if your local, get there! You can just show up at the destination for the shindig.
being it is on 12.21.12 it is of course The End of the World Ride!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Victorian steampunk Monitor keyboard and cam set.

Currently on my main site for sale with more Pictures here. And on EBAY here 

Here's a few fancy pictures of the project done. Its a 24" monitor with a camera built on the top that can fold back, and then down behind when not in use. The keyboard is a German made Kiosk keyboard that is about bullet proof.

If you have a nice office, restaurant, library, tattoo studio or retail store this would be a nice touch to some. It is nice as well so people in front of you are not staring at the backside of an ugly monitor. I wanted to back to looks nicer the the front.

These items are being sold as a set only. If you're interested, feel free to email me. 

The lady pictured is Alicia Elfving or you may know her as the MotoLady .
The lad pictured is Pinstripe Chris. I encourage sharing of these pictures and directing people here if they are interested in this. Thank you..

Currently on my main site for sale with more Pictures here.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Victorian Steam Punk computer monitor thing.

I love making things that look like theyre from a mixed up time period that never was. This is a 24" flat screen monitor that I made a cast iron and steel case/stand for. It is about 30 pounds or so. Its getting translucent Brass powder coat now. Should be rather sexy. Im also doing a keyboard to match.

Monday, December 3, 2012

BMW Turbo

This will be a fun bike. It will follow after the Vtwin 600 is completed. So far Ive just played with it enough to get the general feel going in the right direction. Lots lower, little bit of rake done, and it will go longer in the rear a couple inches.

The bike sat a Taaaad bit high when it came in.

The turbo kit is an kit made for these bikes long ago, nice find.

Playing around a bit after it was raked and dropped a bit. I think this is the tank it will use. Tunnel is removed to get it sitting on bike proper. May make a metal fairing to semi mimic my sons SV650 fairing...