2013 update

Ive not blogged in a while. Had a lot of different things going on in my life. One that has come back into swing is an on going case thats taken some time and metal time. Kids, Bad weather, stuff. And Ive been internetless for a bit, so its good to be back at a computer.

Im presently finishing up the Tesla Bike, the Vtwin 600 bike, and another Bicycle motor bike. Pictures and updates will start flowing again in next few days. Along the way Ive made a few small items, more artsy stuff to sell to finance finishing bikes that need done. New doors opened that Im looking forward to exploring after these present projects are completed and riding.

Also Timonium Bike show is in a week. Biggest in the East. and again this year Lowside has control of the upper building making it the place to not miss.

And a few months down the road I will be at the Steampunk Worlds Fair with the Goblin Market. More on this later. It will be unusual and a nice sidetrack.


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