Sunday in Baltimore. Meet n Greet. Motolady Caferacerxxx Loaded Gun Customs 16 & Tesla

This weekend is special. What was to be a regular take pictures kind of thing For Tesla, has turned into a fun weekend. 
Sasha from CafeRacerxxx and Kevin from Loaded Gun Customs had recently come by to say hi and gab and later went to TheOne motorcycle show in Portland and met my friend Alicia aka. Motolady and hit it off. so One thing led to another.

 Sasha graciously offered to Fly Motolady in so she can be the one in the photos with my Tesla bike. This is awesome, because trust me, I am not a good looking man, nobody wants to see that. She is short and ok looking, and can ride so I think this will be a notch or two better. 
Heres Sasha about 90 seconds before her last "indecent". But she flys "real good now".

So in theory, Kevin and Sasha, seen here texting each other, will be hosting a MotoLady meet n greet at 16Tons in Baltimore, an amazing Vintage mens shop. There will be beer and wine served by her Lovely assistants, and I will be serving Coffee like a pool boy, because coffee is like air, and we all need air.

Kevin is like me alot. Neanderthalish, like to hit stuff with hammers and helps people fix stuff. Except he works on nicer stuff, and his shops at the beach, and is awesome, but other then that, we are similar.

So, come meet us all. say hi to Motolady..

Annnd, Tesla will be sitting out front. Hopefully done. Because done is good.


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